¾ Works on multiple pairs ¾ Multiple Entry Control Features (432 entry types) ¾ BUY/SELL trade entries or STOP/LIMIT trade entries ¾ Grid Trading Strategy with many control features ¾ Shutdown feature, stops B3 trading after basket close ¾ Emergency Close All Feature ¾ Holiday Shut Down Feature ¾ Order Management/Checking Conditions ¾ Email Management – B3 talks back to you ¾ Grid Array Generation based on user input ¾ Take Profit Trader ¾ Stealth TP trader – no TP sent to broker ¾ Stealth SL feature – no SL sent to broker ¾ Profit Trailing Stop Feature for extra profit ¾ Close old trades feature, draw down reducer ¾ Exit trades early feature ¾ Current or Correlated pair Hedging capabilities ¾ Recoup loss function ¾ Recoup broker commission and swap function ¾ Additional trades added to “basket” incrementally ¾ Power Out Stop Loss Features – SL is sent to broker ¾ Portion control feature ¾ Manual account type selection ¾ Stop Trade Balance Protection ¾ Equity Stop Loss Protection ¾ Automatic broker decimal selection ¾ Chart overlays to monitor trades and account ¾ Manual or automatic money management features ¾ Broker spreads are not an issue ¾ Manual or Automatic trade magic number selection 


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