Artificial Intelligence Neural Network with more than 5 Millions data points, self training and extending daily

The FX Tech Group company neural network has built-up more than 5 millions data points since late 2016. Most of the neural networks in the Forex industry are not having more than an average of 400,000 data points. Today the world is highly interconnected and it takes a fraction of a second to transmit financial news around the globe. A deep learning artificial intelligence is only as good as the data you feed. Our hybrid tensorflow model runs on powerful machines in two datacenter on the Asian and American continents. The “computing strategy returns of our artificial intelligence are highly accurate, especially for short term targets of 15 – 40 pips.

To future predict or forecast the financial market to produce accurate trading signals with the ForexPin market scanner is only possible with a cutting-edge AI. The performance of the financial forecasting model depends primarily upon three general factors: the appropriate data processing and presentation, the optimal trading strategies, and the structure of the forecasting model.

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